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  • 1. Is the “Trucking PORTal” application free?

    Yes. You can download it on Google Play  and Apple Store.

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  • 2. What platforms does the application support?

    The “Trucking PORTal” application can be downloaded on smart phones. The Web version can be used on tablets and computers.

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  • 3. Is the dashboard information on congestion at the Port entrance, truck wait times and access to the terminals all in real time?

    Yes. And this info is available at all times and it’s updated every 3 minutes.

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  • 4. Can we see the truck traffic and wait times everywhere on Port of Montreal territory, and at the entrances to the Port and all the terminals?

    The dashboard only gives wait times at the international container terminals: Cast (MGT), Racine (MGT) , Maisonneuve (Termont) and Viau.

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  • 5. If truck movements on Port territory are captured, does my route stay anonymous?

    Yes, road transport routes remain entirely anonymous. The Port of Montreal does not log truck location data, but reads license plates to determine the transit time to the various milestones on your route.

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  • 6. How is the travel time calculated?

    A sample of the last 20 minutes is taken to compute the average turn-around time for each terminal. In order to determine the duration for each segment, we calculate the difference between two subsequent card readings.

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  • 7. Can I receive notifications by email or SMS?

    As a registered user, by signing in to the Trucking PORTal, you can receive notifications. Simply create personalized alerts in the Trucking PORTal, under your profile.

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  • 8. How can I access my trip history?

    Simply download and install the application on your smart phone or use the Web version on a tablet or computer. Then you’ll be able to create a profile from the Trucking PORTal. As a registered user, by signing in to the Trucking PORTal, you can access the history of your trip wait times.

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  • 9. How do I obtain a port pass to the Port of Montreal?

    By going on our website www.port-montreal.com/en/permits-and-other-documents.html

    Read the Directive for Port Identification / Pass Card

    Then fill out the Request for Port Identification / Pass Card form

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  • 10. Are there real time notifications?

    Whenever the terminal operators wish to inform its clients of current or upcoming events, there will be a notification that will appear at the top the screen. It will be in the form of a pop-up that lasts approximately 20 seconds.

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  • 11. Where can I see the list of active notifications?

    The day’s notifications can be read at the top right of the screen accessible via an icon “Every notification”.

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  • 12. What types of notifications exist?

    Two possible types of notifications exist: Public, Restricted

    Public are general notifications that the Port of Montreal or Terminal operators wish to relay to all those visiting the www.portmtltrucks.com website.

    Restricted are notifications that are only available when users are authenticated. Examples are congestion notices and train shunts.

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  • 13. I didn’t receive any notifications.

    It is possible that there were no notifications issued for the day or that you haven’t checked the notification options in your profile page.

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